Caribbean Ice Bracelet

Caribbean Ice Bracelet

Copyright 2012 White Tideline Designs

This San Francisco Bay area designer, Julie Wilson of White Tideline Designs, has a distinct gift for gathering disparate materials into a unique and breathtaking creation. Her work is the stuff of fairy magic. Julie describes her sea-inspired bracelet, made of quality artisan beads and gemstones, like this:

‘Caribbean Ice,’ calls upon two very different journeys. One was to the icy waters of Southeast Alaska and the wondrous Glacier Bay and the other, to the humid, exotic islands of the Caribbean where the water takes on its own extraterrestrial glow in shades of turquoise, aqua and blue. When glacier ice melts, it too takes on an unreal color, milky ice blue which also looks like something from fantasy fiction or stories of mermaids and Atlantis.

Lately, Julie’s work is garnering a burst of attention, injecting Julie with a new flood of inspiration, so this is a good time to pay attention to her work. The jewelry blog CustomMade is also featuring a stunning bracelet by Julie here. I was happy to discover the CustomMade site, as they do a great job featuring wonderful artists, something very close to my heart.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to White Tideline Designs on Etsy. It is a virtual journey you will not regret.


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