Fancy Jasper Beadwoven Bangles


Copyright 2012 The Studio Elle

I have the utmost admiration for artisans who bead weave their creations. Because most buyers do not understand the labor and patience required in creating a work like this trio of bangles, the artisan is rarely paid what his or her labor is worth.

Combining intricate construction with quality materials, this trio was designed by Ellen Goldman, who is so passionate about her beading that she says she lives her life”‘One Bead at a Time.” Fancy jasper is a dreamy gem, and these bangles display some uber dreamy specimens of those rocks. Their surface is liquid shine.

Stackable bangles are de rigueur in today’s fashion scene. Put these next to your Chan Luu wrap bracelets, though, and you’ll whip off those Chan Luus tout de suite! It’s like parking a Rolls Royce Phantom next to a Volkswagen Jetta. The comparison is embarrassing.

It was tough to choose among Ellen’s handwoven riches. If you love quality creative handcrafted jewelry, you will be an immediate fan of her work. Click on over to her website and see what I mean.


2 thoughts on “Fancy Jasper Beadwoven Bangles

  1. Oh My! I have never read something so well written and to have it written about something I created. I can’t thank you enough. I actually called my best friend and read it to her and I started to cry. I am very passionate about what I do and a simple compliment can send me over the moon,but what you wrote, really made me cry tears of joy! Again, Thanks so very much and you really should be a big time writer at a fashion magazine. You are incredible!!!

  2. Your jewelry speaks for itself, Ellen. You are a gift to the rest of us. Browsing through your shop releases pleasure producing endorphins in my brain! Don’t ever stop weaving.

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