Thai Silk and Ribbon Gypsy Bracelet

Gypsy Bracelet

Copyright 2012 HannahRachel on Etsy

Until I saw this bracelet, I must confess that I was not that much of a fan of mixed media jewelry. Artistic execution grounded in a mastery of color theory has won me over! (The words “Gypsy” and “Thai” in its name didn’t exactly repulse my romantic soul, either.) The assemblage of colors, textures, and materials in this piece screams wearable art. I can envision some free-spirited reggae hippie chick like Naia Kete of The Voice wearing this on her ankle (I wish I could get away with that – sigh!).

This bracelet is actually not typical of Hannah Rosner’s work or her shop on Etsy. Hannah is an accomplished bead weaver and glass artisan. Many of her weaving designs are intricate and labor intensive, the kind of work that will someday be featured in art museums as examples of early Twenty-First Century fine craft. As evidence, Hannah’s work made her a semifinalist in the lampwork category for Bead Dreams 2009. She also won second place for her bead embroidered collar piece in the Treasures of Toho 2009 Contest. That necklace appeared in the February 2010 issue of Bead & Button.

If you’d like to see more of Hannah’s astonishing creations (and you must!), go visit her shop, HannahRachel.


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