Rose Pink Crystals Bracelet

Image copyright Martaky Art 2013.

Image copyright Martaky Art 2013.

My grandfather was red-green color blind, and it makes me sad to think that he would not have been able to appreciate the stunning rose and fuchsia hues in this exciting bracelet by Martaky Art, on ArtFire.  This designer from up over the border in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, says she creates all her designs “with one thing in mind: to make every woman attractive, elegant and beautiful.”

The bling in this bracelet is off the charts, and I can feel my whole inner being opening up with joy when I look at it. Speaking of bling, Martaky uses “bling beads” in this design, along with sharply cut crystals and twisted sterling wire that splinter light and color like a strobe. Her favorite materials are crystals, gemstones   and other natural stones, assembled with findings of sterling silver and other metals.

When I buy or make jewelry, I want it to have this same quality of eye snatching appeal. If you feel the same, visit her ArtFire store and collect an exquisite bauble or two from her collections.


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