Abacus Bracelet


 (I got this image from the web some time ago and forgot to add the creator’s name to its file name, as I always try to do. So, if anyone out there recognizes it, please let me know so I can attribute it.)

This piece is a great example of the geometric metalwork that a number of contemporary jewelry artists are producing in workshops around the States.  It features a technique called “cold connections” along with hot soldering.  The rectangular and round frames were hot soldered to make their edges seamless, but the pearl and gold abacus beads were strung on wire that was then cold connected through holes drilled in the sides of the frames.

I took a jewelry metalworking class a few years ago, so I can appreciate the work that goes into a piece like this. Working with this weight in precious metals is an expensive endeavor, too. If sold, this bracelet could garner a hefty price, probably in the vicinity of $1,000, considering the fine workmanship.


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