My passion for jewelry started with my Mom’s button box. Whenever a garment wore out, she would remove the buttons and put them in a faded antique cookie tin. In those days, women did a lot of sewing, and those buttons came in handy. My sisters and I loved to get into that box and look at all the buttons. They were colorful little treasures to us. We each had our favorites and mine were the jewel encrusted plastic buttons that reminded me of rhinestone earrings.

That love of buttons transferred to beads when I was in my thirties. Beads have the same miniature appeal and the same variety of color and design.

I can spend literally hours surfing the internet looking at jewelry designs. Voila! Here is a blog dedicated to handmade bracelets. I thought it would be fun to feature an especially interesting or beautiful handcrafted bracelet each week and make a few brief comments about its design.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Jewelie Dee


One thought on “About

  1. Hi and thanks for your lovely note over on Etsy. What a warm & lovely memory of you and your sister and your mother’s button box. Your memory could be the theme of a short story (as well as a blog) about the past beauty of simpler days, when life was not so fast-paced, plugged in and abbreviated (HD, DVD, USB, etc.). Before neurologist’s worried about a new condition called, ‘popcorn brain’ in our youth, in which being plugged into gadgets & unplugged from social, conversational discourse has led to a sluggish synapse capacity to pick up social cues, subtleties in person-to-person, real-time visiting & conversing. Funny how a memory of button days & afternoons with a sister connects all the dots after a long day.

    I once took a quick online tutorial about using vintage buttons as the focal point of the otherwise lampwork, Swarovski, sterling bracelet. The buttons we found from coast-to-coast and abroad (especially from Eastern Europe) were amazing. If one were struggling to find a muse, these beautiful jewels from days-gone-by provided instant inspiration.

    Longwinded, I look forward to future entries and featured bracelets from your online travels.

    All the best,

    Julie Wilson

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